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Au hasard dans cette rubrique

  • Company Eygurande - Theatre of Living Worlds

    Compagnie l’Eygurande - Théâtre du Coin des Mondes

Il y a 47 sites référencés dans cette rubrique.

  • 26,000 covered

    26000 couverts

    Welcome to the website of the company street theater "covered 26000"



    ARDEV Art and Research for Development of Expression Voice We are organizing a festival around the voice and songs in October courses, concerts and exhibitions throughout the year

  • Arcane 17

    Arcane 17

    artistic site presenting the works and the company's shows and cultural spaces Arcane17 (Burgundy) and ARC (Lyon Bour'gogne)

  • Burgundy Cultural Association

    Association Bourguignonne Culturelle

    Welcome to the website of the Burgundian Cultural Association (CBA) at Dijon.

  • Pepete Light Association

    Association pépète lumière

    All the information about the association and its festival "in May Pepete light does what he pleases."

  • CirQ'ônflex


    Welcome to the website of the Association of Dijon CirQ'ônflex is devoted to the promotion and development of circus arts.

  • Class 7 '

    Collectif 7’

    Discover Class 7 'achievements and their news.


    Read also on our website, an article about this website:

    - Antelopes
  • Collective R.A.S

    Collectif R.A.S

    Created in October 2004, the RAS group intended to raise awareness, support and develop young design stage (theater and music).

  • Company Caracol

    Compagnie Caracol

    Discover the company Caracol, the news, shows ...

  • Forwarding Company

    Compagnie Déviation

    Created in 1991 by Alain Mignon, the company brings together musicians and Deviation comedians around its unique instruments contemporary sculptures across the individual and the city. She makes visual and musical which cross the imaginary reality and the public.

  • Company Between Dog and Wolf

    Compagnie Entre chien et loup

    Company busking, Coy At dusk creates performances combining visual installations, sounds and texts specifically for the public space.

  • Esquimots company

    Compagnie Esquimots

    Founded in Dijon by Marion Chobert, Esquimots the company is particularly interested in adolescence ...


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    - The Clockwork Orange
  • The company Artifice

    Compagnie L'Artifice

    The Fireworks Company is a theater company for young audiences whose director is Christian Duchange. Based in Dijon, she was nominated for the Molière of the show for The Young Audience Ogrelet in 2007.

  • The theater company monsters

    Compagnie Le théâtre des monstres

    The theater is a theatrical monsters Dijon company that creates shows without words to the young audience.

  • Compagnie Marie Braun / La Farfalla

    Compagnie Marie Braun / La Farfalla

    All the news about the company Marie Braun / La Farfalla in Burgundy.

  • Company SF

    Compagnie SF

    SF Company activities focus on the creation and dissemination of his shows but also around mediation and meetings with eccentric or vulnerable populations, who have no direct or easy access to the theater and to the art in general.

  • Thinning of the company

    Compagnie de l’Eclaircie

    Welcome to the website of the theater company of the Skylight.

  • Theater company Chime

    Compagnie de théâtre Le carillon

    Located in Avallon, the company Chime offers every year a new show, constantly exploring the genres of theater.

  • Company Eygurande - Theatre of Living Worlds

    Compagnie l’Eygurande - Théâtre du Coin des Mondes

    All about the company Eygurande: history, team, shows, news ...

  • From one moment to another

    D'un instant à l'autre

    Discover the company From one moment to another, news, his creations, his workshops, etc..

  • A festival not counties 2010

    Festival A pas contés 2010

    The site of the youth festival "Has no counties." Find all the programming of the tenth edition, which runs from January 28 to February 13.

  • Awaranda Festival

    Festival AwarandaVisit
  • Trail Arts Festival

    Festival Chemin des Arts

    Held annually by the company Alfred Alert place of La Bergerie Soffin, the festival Paths Arts offers contemporary dance in rural areas.

  • Fred SILHOUETTE PLC living

    Fred SILHOUETTE l'automate vivant

    An amazing character, fascinating young and old. Is it a fake, is it real, is doubt. Wonderful artist PLC available in France and abroad for all your events: weddings, streets, shops, private parties, openings, cocktails ...

  • Singular routes

    Itinéraires Singuliers

    Singular itineraries, art and expression in the fight against exclusion.

  • The Trough


    Welcome to the Trough, Cultural Centre Country Salives in Seine-et-Tilles. This site will help you discover the programming of the hall. Music, Theatre, Film, Variety, Young Audiences, Cultural activities ..

  • Opera Dijon

    L'Opéra Dijon

    The Auditorium and the Grand Theatre are two scenes with Dijon in the heart of the artistic project in their respective programs ... the music!

  • The arc nationally Le Creusot

    L'arc scène nationale Le Creusot

    Welcome to L'arc nationally Le Creusot.

  • The Barge Company

    La Compagnie du Chaland

    The Barge Company offers you to animate your holiday town with various street performances: ambulatory, musical, or aerobatics.

  • The company Le Rocher des Doms

    La compagnie Le Rocher des Doms

    News of the company, actors, programming ...

  • The company of acrobats

    La compagnie des saltimbanques

    Company web site of mountebanks: circus music video show in the tent.

  • The company Theatre de l'Escalier

    La compagnie du Théâtre de l'Escalier

    The site of the Staircase Theatre presents the company, its activities, entertainment présentésâ € |

  • The tribe Esssence

    La tribu d'Esssence

    Young theater company (and all) public


    Read also on our website, an article about this website:

    - The blue Bird
  • 18

    Le 18

    The "18" is a place dedicated to contemporary theater shared by the company Grenier New and Class 7.

    To Visit
  • Cedar

    Le Cèdre

    Welcome to Cedar, the new cultural hall Chenôve


    Read also on our website, an article about this website:

    - Inauguration of the cultural center of Cedar Chenôve
  • The castle of Saint-Fargeau

    Le château de Saint-Fargeau

    Older than 1000 years, the Castle of Saint Fargeau is the most important historical site Puisaye Forterre. Every summer there is the scene of one of the largest pageants in Europe.

  • The Amulecteurs

    Les Amulecteurs

    We are a professional troupe of Vocal Performance and turn regularly on the Dijon region.

  • Small dreams

    Les petites rêveries

    Welcome small dreams, small festival of theatrical forms.

  • Heritage House Oral Anost

    Maison du Patrimoine Oral d'Anost

    The House of the oral heritage is the result of actions and reflections on the oral heritage in Burgundy. Memories vivid associations, the Union of groups and minstrels Morvan, Anost Music Association, the municipal library Anost and the Morvan Regional Park enliven the center of information resources, practices and exposure.

  • Metalovoice - the transverse

    Metalovoice - la transverse

    Arts company based arts supported by the Regional Council of Burgundy Street. It is defined as the creator of "Industrial Poetry" ...

  • Music and dance in the Yonne - Addim 89

    Musique et danse dans l'Yonne - Addim 89

    Addim 89 general objective of developing musical and choreographic practices of the inhabitants of the Yonne, in a general perspective of structuring, planning and compliance of large balances, particularly between amateurs and professionals.

  • Sound and light shows - organization Chantemerle

    Spectacles son et lumière - association Chantemerle

    The association Chantemerle creates sound and light shows at Chateau La shelf (71) since 1981. Find online descriptions of performances and practical information.

  • Theatre Dijon Bourgogne - National Drama Centre

    Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne - Centre Dramatique National

    All information of the TDB-CDN: news, programs ...

  • Theatre Caramel Crazy

    Théâtre du Caramel Fou

    The Théâtre du Fou Caramel was created in 1986 in Burgundy by Jean-Luc Revol. He received two awards at the evening Molières 2007: the French Molière Author of Christian living for Simeon and the Molière Theatre Musical for the show The Cabaret Men Lost.

  • Theatre Risorius

    Théâtre du Risorius

    Welcome to the theater of Risorius: information about the company, tours, shows ...

  • Union Groups and Fiddlers Morvan

    Union des Groupes et Ménétriers du Morvan

    Welcome to the website of MUMM, cultural association governed by the law in 1901, responsible for promoting the oral traditions of Morvan and Bourgogne (traditional music and dance, songs, stories, language ...).


    The association manages payroll intermittent artists without taking no percentage and this since 1993.

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